Selling at Amazon

I been toying with being an associate at Amazon, being that I've been buying from them for over ten years now. I have a business account for my Electrical Business, and my personal account. I did buy a few things through Facebook ads and Tic Tok, but was left disappointed as one item, a bar of shampoo to darken your hair (I'm grey as hell) never showed up and the company will not respond to my emails.

Gaming for Everybody


Help Bring Nicole McKnight Home

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone who reads this to consider doanting whatever you can to help with funeral expenses for a dear friend of mine's daughter. Nicole was found dead in her California apartment on Wednsday, January 11rh. Her young son, next to her, stroking her hair. There is an active investigation and we are awaiting the toxicology reports for a final determination of death. An autopsy was already preformed and now we need to fly her home here Pennsylvania for a proper funeral. ANY amount, even five bucks, helps and would be greatly appreciated!


Just A Reminder

Yuo know I've been sick lately battling COPD and in need of a lung transplant, so I have not been up to posting much anywhere, but THIS shit caught my attention, after being at the Wawa at Bishop & Baltimore and looking at bare shelves. Never in my 60 years on this planet have seen this.

 Joe Biden in my opinion stole the Presidency. Well, not him, he's too damn stupid, but a well orchestrated attack involving the CCP or whomever in multiple states including right here in Delaware County, had who I believe as our duly elected President, tossed out and Joe the clown inserted. So tell me, where is the Chain of custody here Democrats of Delaware County?


Delco Hires A Health Czar

I just found about about this woman being chosen to be our first Health Department head. Melissa C. Lyon, who's resume includes several stints in administrative position in the State of New York, as well as for a small Bio Tech company. My issue and should be yours's also if you live in Delaware County?  
Well it's what's below, penned by Leana Wen M.D.

1) Require vaccinations for interstate travel. If you want the privilege of traveling on a plane or train, you need to do your part and get vaccinated.
2) Urge businesses to implement "no vaccine, no service" rules, and supporting San Francisco and New York in requiring vaccines to enter indoor restaurants, bars, gyms and other venues.
3) Mandate for all children 12 and older to be vaccinated, as we do for other childhood immunizations (as Los Angeles Unified School District has just decided to).
4) Issue a national proof of vaccination, as many other countries have done. 
5) Urge states, local governments, and businesses to re-implement indoor mask mandates until vaccinations rates are much higher and cases are much lower.

The time for cajoling is over. Biden should use the full authority of the federal government to make it difficult for Americans to remain unvaccinated.

In other words, yet another pro vax, pro mandate, anti-constitution, authoritarian rule bureaucrat who like many in any government capacity, have been on a power and money trip since this whole shitshow started in Wuhan, China.
So buckle up Delco! Or should I say, roll your sleeve up! 



The so called "Insurrection"

After seeing this video and seeing the proven election fraud perpetuated by the Democrats, both here locally in Delaware County, and statewide, as well as in several other "swing" states, I've come to the conclusion that us Republicans and independences must take a more offensive approach to the remedy.


Free PA

I'll leave this right here. Get the Government here in Delaware County and elsewhere in Pennsylvania out of mandating an untested, so called "Vaccine" from being injected into citizens under threat of losing their jobs and livelyhood. FREE PA


Will this happen here in Delco?